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Rock Soup is a folk story told by many names, with many leading ingredients.  The story is an inedible object is offered as the main ingredient in the soup.  In our story it is a rock.  As the water and the rock come to a simmer the neighbors, friends and community all come together each bringing an ingredient to add to the rock soup.  Individually no one has enough for a meal but together they create a feast to feed everyone.

Whether you heard this tale as nail soup, stone soup or even axe soup the message is the same.  Though community and working together, individual misery can be turned into a reason to rally together… and well… eat!

If people are worrying about when they are going to be able to eat next, everything else seems less important. Food security is the foundation for health and mental health; without it, everything else seems insurmountable. No matter the reason, no person should be without healthy, accessible food while being able to maintain a sense of autonomy and dignity.

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The balance:

 The beauty and struggle of a grassroots organization is that it requires community funding to operate. There are many forms of community funding through municipalities, corporate grants and the provincial and federal government for example. The reality behind those funding streams is they come with expectations regarding outcomes. The usual expectations of outcome are the major deterrents in accessing food (informational, income, race…).

For Rock Soup to provide sustainable access to the storefront we will rely heavily on you…individuals in the community.  We need you to reach out, donate, or fundraise however you can safely.  It will take all of us together, working with intention and understanding to breakdown barriers and allow opportunity for this unique approach to ending food insecurity.


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