Q & A

The Big Ask:

 Are you asking yourself…?

 What do I need to be able to access services?

 Nothing. If you find yourself in a place of food insecurity for ANY reason, please come Rock Soup and get what you need when you need it.

Why do you call your food bank a store? Do I have to pay?

 We call it a store because that is how it is setup. We want you to come in and shop for what you or your family requires to achieve food security.

We are FREE service, supported by community donations.

Who is allowed or entitled to access this service?

 Anyone who finds themselves in a place of food insecurity and not getting their nutritional requirements.  There are no criteria.

You are welcome here no matter your situation; you are worth having food security.  We acknowledge you and truly hope you visit our store.

 What is required of me to access food?

To access the Rock Soup store all we ask is that you come in within operating hours, be mindful of social restrictions due to the pandemic and of course respectful of others in general.  That’s it. Just come and achieve food security, in a way that just makes sense.

 What do I do when I have to choose between food or shelter (paying rent, mortgage etc.)?

Please, if this is a question you are asking come in, you achieving food security is our mission.

Or are you asking yourself…?

What can I do to help end food insecurity?

Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank offers a unique solution to providing access to food in meaningful way. Food or financial contributions will directly support the nonprofit to achieve its goal of food security for its participants.

What can I do to challenge systemic trauma while still addressing human suffering?

Rock Soup is an intentionally secular non-governmental non-profit initiative and hops to set itself apart by addressing the truths related to generational and multigenerational trauma related to these institutions. Rock Soup is a community run and supported non-profit with the purpose of ending food security from a way that not only makes sense but is also dignified and intentional.

 What can I do with my donations that would normally go to other institutions?

Ending food insecurity is a mission that is greater than any one organization and requires community support and understanding from all levels. Please all we ask is that you keep donating to food banks however if you choose Rock Soup we assure you we will strive to make this process better for the individuals who access it.

If we are lucky enough to receive your donations, I encourage you to reach out via email. Or, come in and see where your money or donation is going. It takes a village to end food insecurity, and we want you to actively participate with us in doing so. That is the true meaning behind the rock soup fable.

What does it cost to the individual seeking to obtain food security?

The individuals who access Rock Soup pay nothing. We rely solely on community and corporate donation from people just like you. Your support matters and can change the life of the participants who access our services in a way like no other food bank.

 Who pays for all of this?

Well hopefully you…

As a grassroots funded non-profit we rely on the donations of community members, corporate and public donors like yourself!